Important things to keep in mind when visiting Macau

Located an hour west of Hong Kong, Macau reflects a mix of culture influences. Its giant malls, countless casinos and the cotai strip that join the islands of Coloane and Taipa have earned the region its nickname, Las Vegas of China. Each location has its own spark and provides its own favorite things to do and see with Macau Peninsula being the most popular with tourists. To fully appreciate Macau, here are some things that you should keep in mind when visiting.


Among the thousands of casino games, Baccarat is by far the most popular in Macau. It is a simple game with the lowest house advantage – less than 1 per cent-. Baccarat tables dominate in 33 Macau’s casinos

• The best time to visit Macau is between October to April

The weather in Macau is often humid and very hot but between October and April, the weather is dry and cool. During this period, temperatures rarely fall below 14C and the humidity is low.

Visiting Macau Between June and September is not recommended as the temperatures rise above 30C and the humidity is extremely high which makes sightseeing an uncomfortable experience. Also, Typhoons occur at this time and you have to carry an umbrella to shield yourself from the frequent rainstorms.

• Macau was the first and the last European Colony in China

Macau was a colony of Portugal. The Portuguese settled in the region in the 16th century before it was returned to china in 1999.

Portuguese influence is evident via the architecture, tiles, language and food found throughout Macau. As Macau transitioned back to Chinese reign, the mixture of Portuguese and Chinese effects have created a blend with each having its unique characteristics.

Today, Macau is a SAR (Special administrative Region) that is governed under the one country two system principal.

• Macanese cuisine is fusion food

Macanese cuisine is one of the most popular dishes in Macau. It combines the best of Portuguese and Chinese ingredients along with influences from Goa, Brazil and other former Portuguese colonies.

• Macau is the world’s most densely populated place.

Millions of people visit Macau every years solely for shopping or gambling but there are many lavish places to indulge.

• One in every five locals work in a casino

Gambling being the main economic activity in Macau, at least one in every five locals work in a casino. However, government employees in the region are forbidden from gambling.

Most of the gamblers in Macau are from Hong Kong and mainland China.